LDM Full Form in Banking, What Does LDM Stand For?

LDM full form in banking is Lead District Manager, responsible for setting up a quarterly public meeting at multiple areas in the district. Also, they hold discussions with other stakeholders, as well as coordinate with the Reserve Bank, to create awareness about several banking rules and policies with respect to the general public.

What are the functions of the Lead District Manager?

  • Finalization of Annual Credit Plan/District Credit Plan
  • Classification of potential for the creation of bankable schemes for enclosure in the ACP.
  • Inspect real progress in financial and physical terms in implementing Government support Programmes and ACP.
  • DCP/ACP’s shares allocation
  • Monitoring/Reviewing of the support from the Government departments
  • Known bottlenecks or problems in the credit flow.
  • Ensuring and Overseeing the smooth release of subsidies
  • Classification of unbanked centers for branch opening and knowing the progress in the branch’s opening.

Role and Objectives of Lead District Manager

  • Inspecting applying of ACP ( Annual Credit Plan)
  • Forming the road map for banking dispersion
  • Organize yearly sensitization seminars and workshops for public officials and banks with participation by PRIs/NGOs
  • Tie up with the setting up of Credit Counselling Centres and Fiscal Literacy
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