IPG Full Form in Banking, What Does IPG Stand For?

What is IPG Full Form in Banking?

The full form of IPG in Banking is Internet Payment Gateway. These are the solutions offered by the bank to its customers so that they can accept online payments 24×7. The access is provided only to the customers registered as merchants. With the help of the Internet Payment Gateway, the merchant can receive payment through credit cards, debit cards and another mode of payment. These payment gateways are very versatile, and they accept all cards like Visas, MasterCard, Amex and Maestro.

What Else Should We Know About IPG?

All the banks in India offer a secure Internet Payment Gateway. These payment gateways ensure that the transactions are authenticated using 128-bit security and two-factor key. You can connect with your bank to access the Internet Payment Gateway if you have an online shopping website or other business solutions. This will be given to you as an API, and you can integrate these solutions with your website or mobile application. Internet Payment Gateway can help your business go international and function 24×7 without human intervention. You can check out the Internet Payment Gateway and its features by connecting with your bank.

Other Full Forms of IPG

  • Incident Planning Guide
  • Investment Planning Group
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