DRA Full Form in Banking, What Does DRA Stand For?

DRA Full Form in Banking is Debt Recovery Agents. Debt Recovery Agents are individuals designated by banks and legitimate debt collection organizations to act as their representatives and conduct calls or visits to debtors in order to collect money on any type of past-due debt without breaking RBI regulations. Debt collection agents are also accountable for providing borrowers with every vital aspect of their loan amount terms & conditions, as well as guiding them through the payment process. The candidate must have strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities. When executing several duties for clients, the worker must be self-motivated, organized, and operate with honesty. These agents are all in charge of collecting money owing to the entities they represent.

The role of a Debt Recovery Agent embodies professionalism and customer service. They work either for the corporation owing money or as part of debt collectors (which aid companies in getting overdue funds). Every year, the debt recovery industry expands by leaps and bounds, and there is a severe scarcity of Certified debt recovery agents in the nation. These agents are in charge of recovering specific loans, advances, or other types of obligations from debtors (or borrowers) according to certain criteria. The function of a debt recovery agent embodies professionalism and client service. They either work for the bank whereby the money is due or as part of collection companies.

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