DPD Full Form in Banking, What Does DPD Stand For?

DPD full form in banking is Days Past Due, which is one of the vital aspects of your CR (credit report) highlighting your financial report. It gets updated in case you missed a payment and how you pay EMI and credit card bills. The DPD also shows the days when the payment was delayed. The DPD information is available in the Credit Statement below the Accounts section.

Like numerous other aspects that affect a credit score, Days past due is one of the major factors because it highlights your repayment behavior. In short, DPD refers to the days for which payment has been delayed. For example, if there is no 000 or XXX, it means you missed the payment. The details entered are for the last 36 months of the payment history.

What does it mean to have DPD?

If XXX is stated, it means that the financial institution or bank did not provide details for that particular month. And if your statement has a statement other than XXX or 000, it simply means that you are not paying the credit card bill or debt on time.

Vital aspects of DPD value

  • 000 as the DPD value
  • XXX as DPD value
  • STD as DPD value
  • DBT as DPD value
  • LSS as DPD value
  • SUB as DPD value
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