CPV Full Form in Banking, What Does CPV Stand For?

CPV full form in banking is Customer Profile Validation. It is also called Contact Point Verification or Field Verification, considered an essential aspect of a bank/financial institution’s credit and risk authorization process so that vital details about potential or existing clients can be confirmed via physical visits and other essentials in order to form a lending bond.

These field visits are based on financial institutions’ dedicated staff of experienced analysts and surveyors who analyze and collect all information for numerous departments indulged in numerous lending services. These services can be related to corporate loans, SME loans, personal loans, mortgage finance, or any other loan.

Key features of CPV

  • In-depth data analytics
  • The bespoke report is ideal for each financial institution’s need
  • A Group of experienced people is connected in real-time via 4G LTE to ensure fast geographic arrivals.
  • Three-hour turn-around time
  • Call center to ensure efficient and fast scheduling of field visits
  • Surveys and field visits can be customized, as given by the bank
  • Provision to incorporate with existing back-end process, etc

Other Abbreviations of CPV

  • CPV – Cost per View
  • CPV – Contact Profile Validation
  • CPV – Campaign Point Value
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