ATW Full Form in Banking, What Does ATW Stand For?

What is ATW Full Form in Banking?

The full form of ATW in Banking is ATM Withdrawal. Some people also interpret it as Automated Teller Machine Withdrawal. As the name suggests, you will see this transaction on your statement when you withdraw cash from the Bank’s ATM. These are the debit transactions if you are withdrawing using a debit card. However, this may appear for a credit transaction if you use a credit card to withdraw money from your bank account.

What Else Should We Know About ATW?

Many people call customer care when they see an entry with ATW on the bank account. However, you can try recalling if you used your card to withdraw cash. If you don’t remember withdrawing money from the ATM, it could be a potential fraud, and you would need to raise a dispute with the bank and an FIR at the local police stations. Ideally, the chances of fraud involving ATW transactions are very minimal if you are careful with your card’s PIN. So, the next time you see an ATW transaction on your statement, you can conclude that the transaction is for ATM Withdrawal.

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