APBS Full Form in Banking, What Does APBS Stand For?

APBS full form in Banking is Aadhaar Payments Bridge System. It is associated with the multiple kinds of payments made by the government to the customers. Additionally, it involves things like direct benefit transfer and subsidy. The receiver is denoted with an Aadhaar number, and their number is directly linked to a bank account.

The aim of this system is to transfer subsidies directly to the beneficiaries through their bank accounts.  In addition, they bring transparency and terminate pilferage from the distribution of amounts sponsored by the Central Government of India. Through the Aadhaar Payment Bridge process, the amount is deposited directly from the bank to the account of the person.

Features of APBS

  • Banks can connect to NPCI via the Internet or NPCINet
  • Banks can download or upload transaction reports via secure web access
  • Money transaction routing based on IIN issued by NPCI
  • The transaction is based on the Aadhaar number directly in the linked bank account
  • APBS is an ISO supports messaging standards
  • It also supports numerous intraday sessions
  • It offers Online Dispute Management System
  • It enriches all participants MIS
  • It can handle 10 million transactions a day
  • It offers a safe settlement and clearing process
  • It can process offus and onus transactions.
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