Canadian Bullion Dealer’s Advice: Should You Invest in Gold Bars or Coins

Canadian investors have relied on gold as a stable investment for generations. Still, we get the question “Should I invest in gold bars or gold coins?” quite often.

You should always perform your homework before putting your money into an asset, especially gold. The decision between investing in gold coins or gold bars should be based on your own situation and goals, as each has its own advantages.


In our blog post, we discuss the Canadian Bullion Dealer’s advice on the pros and cons of investing in gold bars vs. coins. Let’s read and understand everything better.

For what reasons are gold coins and bars a good investment?

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio during these unpredictable economic times, consider investing in gold. Adding gold as an investment to your portfolio is a smart move because the precious metal has a long history of use as money around the globe.

There are many advantages to purchasing gold in the form of coins and bars. Adding diversification to your gold holdings and safeguarding your money are the two primary advantages of investing in gold. You might be able to cash in on your gold holdings if you’ve held onto them for a while and the price of gold rises.

Benefits of Investing in Gold Coins

There are a lot of potential benefits to this if you are considering investing in gold coins. Compared to gold bullion bars, ancient coins are more portable, which is a major plus. Understand the benefits of gold coins before you approach a canadian bullion dealer to start your investment.

Less expensive and smaller than gold bars

The size of the gold bars you purchase might be a detriment to your investing portfolio. If you’re looking to diversify your gold holdings, you can find smaller and more cheap coins made of gold. This form of real gold gives investors greater leeway and control when it comes time to sell their coins on the gold market.

Smaller selling opportunity

Purchasing little gold coins circumvents the need to sell the entire asset in your portfolio, in contrast to massive gold bars. You can sell individual coins as you see fit and hold on to the rest of your collection of gold coins instead of selling your entire collection on the gold market. The idea is that you can invest in gold coins and then sell off smaller portions to several bullion dealers in Canada.

Aesthetic and collectible value in coins

Investors and collectors alike are drawn to the stunning designs and variety of sizes offered by gold coins, as opposed to most gold bars. On top of that, they typically have a date stamped on them, making them ideal for commemorating special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Reselling coins at a higher price is a common occurrence

You may eventually opt to turn your bullion into cash by selling your coins or bars to a dealer. When you’re ready to unload some or all of your bullion holdings, you might be surprised to learn that certain businesses will pay more for a coin than a bar of the same weight.

Benefits of Investing in Gold Bars

Gold bars are another option to think about if investing in gold coins isn’t in the cards for you. The benefits of this form of gold bullion over coins are numerous.

Compared to gold coins, gold bars are far more convenient because they don’t need to be handled very often. If you want to keep the value of an asset, like a house, that you’ve invested in, you need to keep it updated. Gold bars are a great long-term investment since they can be stored safely and used to purchase multiple assets.

Buying and selling little gold bars is simple

Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, buying and selling gold bars is a breeze. Small gold bars can be sold more rapidly to bullion dealers and investors in the event that you need to discharge funds, thus, investing in them can be a good alternative to large gold bars.

Effortlessly transmit gold bars to subsequent generations

It may be simple to leave your wealth to future generations if you have consistently invested in gold. Investing in gold bars is a good way to hedge your bets in case you ever need access to capital.

Gold bars are priced more affordably

Gold bars often fetch lesser premiums than coins because of the former’s higher production costs caused by their form and frequently appealing and collectible designs. Buying gold bars can be a cost-effective way to invest in large quantities.

Conclusion: Should I invest in gold bars or coins?

You might want to consider purchasing gold coins if you are seeking a versatile, easy-to-transport, and potentially tax-favoured investment option. Before you invest through a Canadian bullion dealer, know that gold bars might be a good alternative if you want to invest more money but don’t want to pay a premium.

Though it’s ultimately up to you, many financial gurus advise holding a combination of gold coins and bars in your portfolio for maximum diversification.

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